Teaching and Master Classes

Teaching, Masterclasses and Commissions

Watercolour and drawing classes

I hold regular watercolour and drawing classes at my Teaching Studio in Mount Hutton. These are in blocks of 7 week terms which in general coincide with the first 7 weeks of the State School Terms.

Get in touch with me via the Contact page for details of place, dates, times, costs which I will send you via an e-mail.

I am also available to give tutorials/demonstrations/classes to Art Graoups.

Masterclass in Watercolour Photo-mosaic Technique

(see Watercolour Photo-mosaic Gallery and the following URL)


As well I am offering Masterclasses in my Watercolour Photo-mosaic Technique (for an explanation of the technique - see the Watercolour Photo-mosaic Gallery). This will require extensive pre-class preparation of the Mosaic Image. If the student has Photoshop or equivalent program experience, and is computer literate they may be able to do all the preliminary work for their personalised work and then bring their canvas to class to paint the final image. However less computer literate students can purchase, after consultation, a prepared image that is ready to paint. The cost for the Masterclass will vary depending on how much preliminary work on the final image that I have to do. If you do all the preliminary work and bring a gessoed mosaic image to the class and wish to work on the image in watercolour then the cost is AD$200 for a 1 day Masterclass provided I have more than 5 students on the day.

Arrangements can be made to have Masterclasses outside of the Newcastle Area organised by groups of individuals or Art Organisations

Costs for my assistance in Image Preparation.

Preparation of an image that you have provided using my background images. $300 plus the cost of canvas printing which will vary with the size you want and which I can provide at cost from my Printer or you can arrange to have it printed yourself.

Preparation of an image that you have provided and background images that you have provided $500 plus the cost of canvas printing which will vary with the size you want. (I know it seems strange to cost more when you provide the images but I have to do a lot of preliminary work to prepare the mosaic for each different set of images.)


I am available on a first-come, first-served basis to undertake commissions iin Watercoloues, Photomosaics or Red Chalk Portraits. Contact me via the Contact Page